We love our food at Silver Lake and are thrilled to introduce some of the leaders of our “Food Team!” this summer.


Vanessa Eisses: “I love the camp atmosphere of friendship, fun, and the freedom that summer offers. I also love food, and the joy that creating a delicious dish can offer to both me and those I’m serving. Which basically means I can’t wait to have the opportunity to provide joy every day, watch friendships grow, and experience the fun and freedom of summer even while I’m at work.”

Monica Cressman: “I was raised in Calling Lake, Alberta.  I have fond memories of camps as a child, and later counselling, cooking and directing at other camps. I am married with 2 children and find working in the kitchen relaxes me. This summer I look forward to cooking/baking a t Silver Lake!”

Marjorie Phillips Hopkins: “My first taste of life at camp was as an adult, working in the kitchen.  I learned a lot from that experience, and because learning opportunities abound at camp, I’m excited to be part of providing the fuel campers and staff need in order to dig in and grow, all the while laughing and having fun.”

Pam Derksen: “I am a mother of three from st Jacobs. I love experimenting with fresh ingredients and sneaking veggies into my kids’ food. I am excited to spend a week at Silver Lake this summer!”



Not far from Silver Lake is a beautiful garden just waiting to get planted with produce that will come to camp.  We’re thrilled to be able to offer local produce to Silver Lake campers.  Lisa Brubacher, who will be growing food for us writes:

As I recall my childhood, I can still feel the sun on my back and the warm freshly tilled ground between my toes, as I ran up and down the rows of the neatly planted garden.  Is it any wonder my love for gardening was rooted deep within me?  Playing running long jump in the soft soil, racing with my sisters to see who could weed a row the fastest, spending hours under the huge old maple, podding bushels and bushels of peas.  These are a few of the many fond memories I had growing up on a farm. As a child I knew nothing different then a big garden with our own delicious produce. Fall was always a busy time of canning many preservatives, made from our freshly picked produce. Not all was fun and games; I did do my share of whining too, when I felt there was more work then play! I guess the fondness of those memories overshadowed the hard work, because here I am many years later with my own garden, hours of hard work, and yet every spring I can’t wait   to get started.

What is it about the garden that stirs an excitement in me, you may ask? Beyond the memories of my childhood, I have grown a deeper appreciation for the garden. There is nothing that tastes quite as good as something you have grown yourself. Is it the flavour or is it the satisfaction you receive that makes it so tasty? I think it’s safe to say the flavour is definitely better, and add the satisfaction on top and it’s even tastier!  Nothing is quite as good as a fresh juicy tomato! However even beyond that, I have discovered that when in my garden, I feel closer and more connected to my Creator.  Only God could take a dead dormant seed and cause new growth to pop through the ground. Nothing is quite as amazing as after a beautiful rain, you can almost hear and see things grow. Along with the rain, comes the weeds and as I pick those weeds it is a reminder to me that God wants the same of my life. We need to be alert to the weeds that grow up and choke out our spiritual growth. I see so many reminders of God and who He is, as I weed, hoe, till, and pick, that I think it’s one of the biggest reason I keep on.

It has also been a learning curve for us; we are trying to keep everything pesticide free, with that comes the pests. We have found it takes some creativity and trial and error to discover ways to keep bugs under control.  We also have discovered there are many different ways to grow and manage the garden, therefore every year we discover new and better ways, through people much more experienced and knowledgeable than us.

When we were asked if we know of anyone who would be able to supply locally grown produce for the camp, it sparked an interest in both my husband and I.  Is this something we could enjoy as a family?  We were aware of how intense and busy it could be, however when having fun it doesn’t feel like work. I have not quite convinced my two children, that gardening is something to be enjoyed!  We decided we would give it a try for a summer to see how it would go. Well, here we are 5 summers later, and we still make the drive up to Silver Lake Camp every week, with a load of freshly picked produce.

We have found the camp enjoys a variety of vegetables.  We mainly provide spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots, onions, and zucchini. We once again look forward to supply the camp with some locally grown produce for the summer of 2017.

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