Teen Camp Photography Session Photos

Check out all the awesome pictures the campers in the photography session took this week!  Photo credit goes to: Tian, Marta, Anthony, Kate, Julia, Claire, and Emma!

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  1. Karl Dick says:

    Picture #13 (rushes at waterfront) gets a strong nod from me. You’ve chosen to incorporate near, medium, and far objects to give this striking scenic three distinct layers. Serendipity also gave you three bands of blue: lagoon, lake, and sky!
    I’d suggest that the next time you try this, lower the camera just a bit to give the close-up reeds a little more prominence (letting them stab the sky more powerfully) and if it’s possible, try to focus on them even if that means the more distant elements are not as sharp. A fast shutter speed would also solve the problem of moving stalks, and give a shallower depth of field, which is sometimes exactly what you want.
    In general, I also applaud the way many of the contest photos are concentrating on the possibilities of close-up views, with today’s more sophisticated cameras. Photography teaches us to be more discriminating – i.e. looking for a magical scene, often in the miniature things of nature.

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