50th Celebrations draw to a close

Posted on: October 12th, 2011 by Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

It has been a wonderful year of celebrating Silver Lake’s first 50 years but we also took time to dream about the future.

Having three celebrations, all very different, all at different times of the year, made it possible for many more  “Friends of Silver Lake” to attend at least one of them.

The 50th Silver Lake SMORG attracted many people from the Niagara region who just had to re-live once more this great fundraiser, which has built so many cabins at camp.

Rockway Mennonite School was large enough to accommodate a big crowd not only there to reminisce but to hear about plans to rebuild the dining hall and add a washhouse/infirmary building. The fire, which sounded like such a disaster in February, started to sound like an opportunity to make major improvements.

But the best place to celebrate camp is at camp. Dedicating the new dining hall on Labour Day weekend brought everything full circle and envisioned the future, confident that Silver Lake will continue to be a blessing and an inspiration for many a future camper.

Thank you to the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee. Thank you to the Board that saw this as an important event in the life of Silver Lake. Thank you to staff who gladly accepted this extra workload on top of running camp. Thank you to all the “Friends” who attended and continue to hold Silver Lake in their hearts.

Henry Pauls

Chair – 50th Anniversary Committee