2 New Camper Cabins to be Ready for Summer!

Posted on: November 23rd, 2014 by Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

We’re doing it again! Last week we demolished Cedar and Hemlock cabins with the intent of rebuilding new, bright and well ventilated cabins similar to what we built in 2015.  The cabins will be a fun beach hut / treehouse blend and will be fully winterized for 12 months use.  Construction on the new cabins is now underway and will be complete for the first campers in late June. Check-out these photos from the two new cabins we built spring 2015! Photos of the new cabins will be posted here as progress is made.


Photos from June 25, 2015



Photos from June 15, 2015

Photos from May 29, 2015


At the August board meeting, the Silver Lake board unanimously agreed to replace the four camper cabins on the south side of the property. These cabins, Balsam, Sumac, Hemlock and Cedar , tucked deep into the cedar grove are the original cabins built in the late 1960’s after retiring the idea of using canvass tents.

Our “resident designer”, Alex Jenkins spent one week at camp this summer listening, dreaming and drawing. Alex met with staff, talked to campers, parents and volunteers, slept in various cabins (to get the full experience), walked the sites and then started to draw! The result is a fun, whimsical design that’s best described as a combination of a treehouse and traditional cabin.

Beyond being 8ft off the ground with a slide from the porch and a mini climbing wall, there’s a covered front porch, plenty of windows for light and ventilation (actually there’s more window space then wall space), sky lights, bunk-beds and useable rainy day space below.


Despite our desire to replace all four cabins this off-season, we have opted to replace two before summer 2015 and two more before summer 2016. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the cabins, please contact the camp office.