Below are some of the common questions we get from parents and volunteers. If your question isn’t answered here please let us know.

Is your water safe to drink?
Yes. Our water comes from a 130′ deep well which is run through a primary UV and secondary chlorination system. During the summer our water is checked daily by an on-site water manager with tests sent to a lab once a week in accordance with the Ministry of Environment.

Are the pond and lake safe to swim in?
Yes. Twice during the summer our pond is checked by Ministry of Health inspectors.

What is the camper to staff ratio?
There are no more than 120 campers on-site at a time with approximately 35-40 staff. This makes our camper:staff ratio around 3:1.

What are the qualifications of your staff?
The majority of our staff have gone through our two-year CILT (Camper in Leadership Training). All of our paid staff are required to provide a current police records check, have a current First Aid certificate and attend our staff orientation. Part of the CILT program consists of a two-week volunteer counseling practicum during the summer under the supervision of paid staff. CILTs may not have their first aid certificate but are required to provide a current police records check and take part in a selection process.

What are the qualifications of your lifeguards?
Swimmers in our pond are guarded by a minimum of three lifeguards with their NLS (National Lifeguard Service). In the event that more than two cabins are swimming at one time qualified life guards are added based on Royal Lifesaving Society guidelines.

What are the qualifications of your out-trip counselors?
The ratio of campers to counsellors on canoe trips is 1:3.5. At least one of these staff members have their NLS (National Lifeguard Service) and the other has a minimum of their Bronze Cross. At least one of the counselors will have prior experience on the canoe route.

Do you have a camp nurse or doctor?
Some weeks we have a registered nurse on site and others we have a medic on staff who has, at minimum, First Aid training (many have more training). Wiarton and Southampton Hospitals are short 15-minute drives from the camp in case of emergencies.

What if my child has special dietary needs?
We try our best to accommodate campers with special dietary needs. We ask that parents are in contact with our cook prior to arrival at camp in order to plan ahead. Parents may need to bring certain foods that we don’t regularly stock. We are not a peanut-free camp but have done our best with nut sensitivities.

Do our children have to be Mennonite to attend Silver Lake?
Definitely not! Although approximately 55% of our campers attend Mennonite churches, the remainder of campers come from various religious backgrounds and experiences.

How much free-time will my child have?
This depends on the age of the camper. The youngest campers are with their cabin group throughout the entire day while the older campers have some free time prior to lunch.

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