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Registration for Summer 2019 opens February 1, 2019 @ 7 am. Last year 400 people registered in the first 24 hours which resulted in some camps being full on the first day.  Avoid disappointed campers by registering early. This year we have opted not to print brochures. Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need to register.

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Swim Test

For outtrips,  before being allowed to depart, campers must complete the swim test which consists of swimming 5 lengths across the pond and 5 minutes treading water.  If a camper does not complete the swim test, parents will be notified. In the case of a canoe outtrip, in consultation with the parent(s) of the camper, a director may require a camper to stay on-site and not take part in the off-site canoe portion of the camp program .

For all other summer camp programs, campers must complete the swim test which consists of swimming 3 lengths across the pond and 3 minutes treading water.  Any camper who does not complete the swim test must stay in the shallow end of the pond or, if on a hiking outtrip, must wear a lifejacket AT ALL TIMES when in the water.

If you have any questions, contact the office – 519-422-1401 or

Full Camps Listed Here Marked “Full”


Family Camp: May 17-19. All ages.  

Mini Camp(A)June 30- July 2 and (B)July 14-16      Ages 6-10

Camp 1:   July 2-6. Ages 6-10

Young X Hike: June 30- July 6.  Ages 9-14  Full with Waitlist

Young X Canoe: June 30- July 6  Ages 9-14 Full with Waitlist

Camp 2: July 7-13  Ages 9-14

NEW!! Algonquin 6 Night Canoe Trip *Saturday 2pm to Sunday 2pm.   July 13- July 21.  Ages 14-16

Adventure Hike-  July 14-20.  Ages 9-14

NEW!! Rhythm and Song CampJuly 14-20  Ages 7-16

NEW!! Newcomer Holiday:   July 19-21.  All ages.

NEW!! Women’s Bruce Trail Hike July 20-21.

NEW!! Climbing Camp:  July 21- 27.  Ages 10-14.

Fishing Camp: July 21-27. Ages 10-14. 

NEW!! Drama Camp:  July 21-27.  Ages 10-14.

NEW!! Boating Camp:  July 21-27. Ages 10-14. 

NEW!! Food and Garden Camp:  July 21-27. Ages 10-14.

Teen X Hike: July 28- August 3.  Ages 13-16.

Teen X Canoe.  July 28- August 3.  Ages 13-16. Full with Waitlist

Swimming Certification (Bronze Cross & Medallion), July 28- August 2 Ages 15-17.

Teen Camp:   August 4-10.  Ages 13-16.

Camp 5:  August 11-17Ages 7-12.

Canoe Adventure Trip: August 11-17:  Ages 12-15. Full with Waitlist

Skillz Camp:  August 18-24.  Ages 10-15 

CILT 1A: July 14-27.  Ages 15 and up.   Full

CILT 1B: August 11-24.  Ages 15 and up. 

Day Camps

Discovery Day Camp 1  (ages 5 to 12)  July 8-12
Discovery Day Camp 2  (ages 5 to 14) July 15-19  Full with Waitlist 
Discovery Day Camp 3  (ages 5 to 12) July 22-26
Discovery Day Camp 4  (ages 5 to 12) July 29-Aug 2
Discovery Day Camp 5  (ages 5 to 12) Aug 12-16

Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, an extension of the Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, strives to provide an enjoyable setting where spiritual and personal growth are fostered and Christian values and teachings are emphasized primarily during summer camp, and also through outdoor education and retreats. Community living, personal discovery, outdoor skills and environmental care are of primary focus.