What’s the Buzz About?

Posted on: September 25th, 2014 by Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

Bees provide us with many things, as well as teach us lots. By having bees at Silver Lake we hope to make an impact both environmentally as well as educationally. The bees will help the pollination of our vegetable gardens, plants and trees around camp and hopefully provide us with a good crop of LOCAL honey for our kitchen. We also see that the bees are a highlight in our programming both during the summer as well as during school programs (continued below pictures).


We learn a lot about our natural world through the bees. We learn about insects and plants and the connection between the two and the role they play with our food through pollination. Life lessons such as communication, being a team player, task oriented, and adaptable, leadership and having a strong work ethic are easily learned by watching and knowing about the bee’s social structure in the hive. Please stop by or book your class for a tour of our bees and see what all the buzz is about.